When to Book your Furniture Removal

Below are some useful tips for when to book your furniture removal with The Smooth Mover.


Contact us, as soon as you have a settlement, rental move or new build completion date.  You are welcome to contact us before this for our rates.

If you are planning a move around a public holiday make sure you get in quick! as the week prior to or following a long weekend tend to get booked up pretty fast.

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays are high demand days for the moving industry, so book well in advance if you require one of these days.

If you do have a choice of moving dates, or you haven’t yet set a date for your settlement move, opt for a Monday to Wednesday.  The Smooth Mover offers discounted rates for these days.  It will also be easier to get your move booked.

If you have a last minute move, please check with us, on occasion we do have clients postpone their moves so spaces do come available at short notice.


In most cases your move will be before or after another move (unless your move requires a whole day).  When booking please tell us as much about your move as you can, such as

  • Indicative quantity of goods to be moved (if you are moving house, the number of bedrooms, lounges, study, rumpus is a good indicator). Don’t forget garage, extra storage areas and outdoor items.
  • Any special/difficult items (eg. piano, side-by-side fridge, trampoline, antiques, spa, lots of pot plants).
  • Access difficulties at either property (are there are lots of stairs involved, a lengthy walk from the property to the truck parking space, or is there a particularly steep, narrow or winding driveway?)

Informing us of these things in advance will ensure we are fully prepared for your move, and schedule sufficient time to complete your move without delaying our subsequent customers.

Special items that require movingDURATION OF A FURNITURE REMOVAL

There are many variables that can affect the time it takes to move your home.

  • Level of preparedness – the more prepared you the are the faster the whole move will be.
  • Weather – wet weather can slow a move, care of your items and our staff are paramount.
  • Access conditions – difficult access can add time to the move especially if the items need to be walked a distance to the truck.
  • Number of Men – different sized homes require different number of men.  Read more about our Third Man.


Moving House?

Moving house? What your moving Company needs to know

What we The Smooth Mover as your moving company need to know from you to ensure a smooth move!  This information is over and above the basic information such as location and quantity.  The more we know the better we can prepare our staff and vehicles to ensure that your household removal is undertaken as effectively as possible.

  • What is the access to both locations like? Steep, flat, overhanging trees, Multiple steps to the address?
  • Is the old and new location a single or double story?
  • Do you have any unusually large or difficult items such as spa pools, pianos, side by side fridges, large outdoor furniture, trampoline or pot plants, these items may require more men or truck space.
  • Is your move a Settlement move? This can effect timings as delivery of your items to your new location is dependent on the time of day your settlement takes place.

For moves outside Auckland we do require a 50% deposit before your move date.

Notify The Smooth Mover as soon as possible if any details regarding your move change – for example the quantity of goods to be moved, destination, dates, settlement times, etc. Contact us on 0800363610 or office@thesmoothmover.co.nz

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