Moving Terms & Conditions

Please find our terms & conditions for moving/removals below. If you have any queries please either phone us on 09 415 4222, or email us on


We are able to provide estimates based on the information that you provide to us. Please ensure that you are accurate with your information (including access conditions at both pickup and delivery addresses, advising us of any difficult / heavy items such as side-by-side fridges, trampolines, spa pools, pianos or excess outdoor furniture or plants). These may have an effect on the number of resources (either men or vehicles) sent to your job on the day.

Please be aware that we complete multiple moves for customers each day. Inaccurate information such as the true size of your job can affect the next family or client scheduled in after you.


We reserve the right to vary resources (number of men and/or trucks) from what was originally quoted. This helps ensure an effective and efficient removal.

Rates charged will vary accordingly. Rates will either increase or decrease on a per man and per truck basis. However more men and/or trucks will reduce the overall time of your job and result in a neutral overall cost.


It is the responsibility of the client to ensure our employees are working in a clean and safe environment.

We reserve the right to decline to commence and/or complete a move if, in our opinion the work environment is unclean/unhygienic and/or unsafe.


It is the responsibility of the client to ensure our staff have unhindered access to your residence/property during loading and unloading.

If either of your addresses are located in an apartment/office block with elevator access, please reserve elevator and priority key as required.

It is the responsibility and in the best interests of the client to have driveways clear or a parking spot available for the moving truck, such that the ramp and/or tail lift of the truck can be positioned for closest and most practical access.


Down time occurring as a result of delays caused by circumstances outside of the control of The Smooth Mover is charged at the same rate as the labour rate for your move. An example of this is not being able to gain access at the destination address due to delayed property settlements. We do endeavour to time our arrival to minimise any delays.


In situations where the truck is left unattended we will not be held liable for any thefts by third parties (as this is beyond our control). Such example would be our staff loading or unloading in a multi-level apartment or office building, or if the truck does not have driveway access and is left on the road.

In cases where your load or unload location might be considered a security risk, we suggest that the client has someone wait with the truck.

If the truck receives a parking infringement (ticket) during the course of completing your move, the cost will be passed on to the client.


All goods are packed and moved at Owner’s Risk (as per the Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017, Part 5, Subpart 1). This means that as the carrier, we have no obligation to pay compensation if goods are lost or damaged (unless intentionally lost or damaged).

Goods are insured while in transit only (in event of truck accident, theft or fire whilst loaded).

We also hold Public Liability Insurance (maximum liability $2M).

We encourage you to check with your insurance provider prior to moving, as some will cover a household move as a standard policy inclusion.

Please be assured that we do take all appropriate care in handling your possessions, and maintain an extremely low incidence of damage. Our staff are trained to use best industry practice and techniques to avoid injury and damage to clients’ goods.


Full payment is to be made on completion of the job, or within seven (7) days of job and/or invoice date by agreement.
Unless otherwise agreed, payment can be made by:

  • Online payment (preferred) – made to account 06-0294-0227509-00 (Smooth Services Ltd T/A The Smooth Mover, ANZ Bank, Wairau Park branch)
  • Cash – on completion of job or in our office following your move
  • Credit card – to be made over the phone or in our office following your move – but please note that a merchant fee based on 3.5% of the invoice amount will be added

We reserve the right to impose penalty charges and/or collection costs for unpaid or overdue accounts.


We require your change of move date submitted to us in writing (email) no less than 48 hours before the original move date, or a fee may be incurred. You are welcome to call us if you need to change your moving date, but please follow up with this in email.

All confirmed bookings cancelled within five (5) working days of the move date may incur a cancellation fee.