removal insurance

Insurance is included with the quoted rates covering Public Liability ($2M) and Goods in Transit ($2M) in event of truck accident, theft or fire whilst loaded only.

However, goods are packed and moved at Owner’s Risk (as per the Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017, Part 5, Subpart 1). We encourage you to check with your insurance provider prior to moving, as some will cover a household move as a standard policy inclusion.

Please be assured that we do take all appropriate care in handling your possessions, and maintain an extremely low incidence of damage. Our staff are trained to use best industry practice and techniques to avoid injury and damage to clients’ goods.

In situations where the truck is unattended during either the load or unload process, we will not be liable for any theft by third parties (for example where our staff are working inside apartment buildings etc, or where the truck is parked on the road). In these cases we recommend the client has someone wait by the truck to maintain security.

storage insurance

You will need to arrange insurance for your goods for ‘all risks’ so as to impose no liability on The Smooth Mover. We recommend not to store any items which are irreplaceable and/or extremely valuable.