7 Home Staging Tips to Increase Your Home’s Marketability

You’ve decided to move, and now need to sell your home? The length of time it takes to sell, and the amount of money you sell for, will vary based on many factors; including location, pricing strategy, size, the state of the property market, and the presentation and appearance of your home. While some of these factors are outside your control, you can control how it looks and broaden its appeal through using home staging techniques.


Home staging is a marketing technique used by homeowners to increase the desirability of their home to buyers. Rather than renovating a home, it requires you to highlight the areas which would be most appealing to buyers.


As Auckland furniture movers, we meet many homeowners who have used home staging successfully when selling their property. Today we’re going to share seven home staging tips we believe played a large role in our clients’ successes.

Your home is your castle, and all the decisions you’ve made regarding its décor and furnishings were to your preferences. When selling a home though, you want to make it appealing to a wide audience and not just to yourself. This requires you to highlight the positives, and make the negatives more appealing. This can be done through home staging – here are seven tips to get you started:


  1. Declutter – there’s nothing worse than seeing hundreds of books, ornaments or pictures in a home you are interested in purchasing. While you may enjoy seeing them, buyers do not, as they like to be able to visualise their own belongings.
  2. Put extra furniture and belongings into storage. Like with decluttering, removing and storing excess furniture helps to make your rooms look larger and more appealing. The Smooth Mover can help you with your declutter process, by packing, moving and storing your excess items. Our North Shore self-storage units are perfect for keeping your excess items while your home is on the market.
  3. Remove personal items – put away toiletries, photos, certificates and artwork belonging to you and your family members.
  4. Use neutral décor – you may love bright colours, but not everyone does. A splash of colour in rugs and cushions is fine, but keep your walls, floors and drapes in neutral colours if you can.
  5. Keep things clean and tidy – remove all mould and mildew. Put items away in cupboards or drawers and make sure there are no noticeable odours which buyers will find off-putting.
  6. Don’t forget the outdoor areas – keep the lawns mowed, trees pruned, weeds and rubbish removed and add a few coloured flowers or shrubs to improve the appearance of your garden area.
  7. Remember your furniture – if your furniture isn’t something you are proud of, consider borrowing or hiring some to display in your home while it is on the market. A few nice pieces can set off a room, portraying the type of lifestyle a buyer is wanting to see in their new home. The Smooth Mover works with and recommends Distinctive Homestaging (www.distinctivehomestaging.co.nz) who can help you present your home for sale within Auckland.


When your home is sold and it’s time to shift, we’re here to help! Available for relocations within the Auckland area, the Hauraki Gulf, or anywhere in the North Island, our furniture removal and storage services cannot be beaten! Get in touch with our friendly team today for a free quote regarding your upcoming move.