If you have a towbar and don’t know how big your towball is, check it out! All towballs have their ball size stamped into the top of the ball.

As you might know, NZ’s most common tow ball size is 1 7/8” (47.625mm). But with the influx of European vehicles coming into New Zealand, along with imported trailers and floats, new tow ball sizes are increasingly 50mm.

That’s a difference in diameter of less than 3mm. But that’s enough to make a huge difference to towing safety!

The difference does result in a lot of confusion. While a 1 7/8″ coupling will not fit on a 50mm towball, the 1 7/8″ towball will fit into a 50mm trailer coupling easily… but is a loose fit, which is highly dangerous – with a real risk of the trailer coupling jumping off the ball on the road.

Towballs and couplings are critical safety components which are engineered to high standards, with very little tolerances or margins for error. The two items form the crucial link between the tow vehicle and the trailer – any incompatibility between the two could have hugely serious consequences, with the potential for a trailer to detach from the tow vehicle and career into oncoming traffic. With that in mind, it is critical the correct pairing is used.

The Smooth Mover offers a range of trailers for hire. And with both safety and practicality in mind, all of our trailers and new double horse float available for hire have clever dual fit tow couplings, which will safely accommodate either a 1 7/8” or 50mm diameter tow ball. The new couplings are super easy to use and require less time to attach than previous couplings.

Contact The Smooth Mover if you’re in need of a trailer this weekend!




Going to do a garden cleanup and need a large cage trailer?

Or you’re happy to move furniture and boxes yourself with a furniture box trailer? (though don’t forget The Smooth Mover can take the stress off your shoulders and do this for you!)

Or you’re looking to take your horse(s) out for a forest or beach ride this weekend?

Well, The Smooth Mover has a solution for you!

The Smooth Mover are pleased to offer a range of four trailers in various configurations, for multiple purposes. Including the latest addition of a British made Ifor Williams double walk through horse float!

For your peace of mind, all four trailers have hydraulic brakes. And for ease and road safety, all four trailers also have unique multi-fit tow couplings to fit both towball sizes seen in New Zealand (1 7/8” & 50mm).


The furniture trailers even come equipped with blankets and ties to keep your possessions protected in transit!

We offer hire rates for half day (up to 5 hours), full day (based on a 24 hour day), weekend and longer.

We can even assist with delivery & collection if required. Or by special request, we can offer a suitable tow vehicle and driver to work with you!


Contact The Smooth Mover for further details and rates.

See more on our TRAILER & FLOAT HIRE


Moving Smoothly into 2019


With the weeks flying by, it’s been a positive and busy start to 2019 for The Smooth Mover and our team.


There’s the inevitability of a couple of staff changes, with Aaron leaving at the end of 2018 to start an electrical apprenticeship, and three new team members (Trevor, Daniel F & Daniel S) starting with us.


We’ve recently experienced a couple of injuries in the team, and this has been apt timing to reinforce our Health & Safety Policy with team members new and old.


We’ve had a full team meeting to discuss various issues; from health and safety requirements, to reinforcing our ethos to help ensure we provide a superior level of service to all of our clients.


As we approach autumn, it is important for us to remind our team of the high standard of service we endeavour to give our clients, through hard work and positive attitudes; in order for customers to trust our team and see value for money in the service they are paying for.


We have seen our team work in and around Auckland, with a number of trips elsewhere in the North Island and Hauraki Gulf – including Northland (notably the Bay of Islands & Kerikeri), Waikato and the Coromandel Peninsula, Bay of Plenty (what is it with Tauranga these days!),  Hawkes Bay and Taranaki too. As well as shorter trips north to Omaha, Snells Beach, Langs Beach & Mangawhai.

Our team of packers have also been busy, helping clients by packing up their belongings and preparing for their move – including organising rooms, dismantling furniture and wrapping up fragile items of kitchenware, ornaments etc – thus helping ensure a swift, smooth move!


We have seen lots more happy clients, with some being kind enough to offer our teams drinks and snacks throughout their moves (for which we are always very appreciative!). And have received some fabulous reviews on community Facebook pages and review sites, such as


We’re a strong team and look forward to helping you with your move. We can take care of everything for you… packing, moving and storage too!

moving boxes

Declutter Help in Auckland

Are you about to move and need a hand to declutter? Are you finding it hard to make a decision of what to keep, what to discard and what to donate?

We have all, to some extent become the ultimate consumer… far too many of the same items floating around our homes – do we really need them?

Lisa has been in the home-staging industry for 9 years and has seen a real need for clients to declutter prior to moving.

“Too often I see people packing up items, only to discard them in their new homes because of lack of storage – or realise through their moving experience they just don’t have any purpose anymore. We have all witnessed the boxes in the garage a year later – still not attended to!”

By making the hard decisions of what you really need to keep, and downsizing before you move, you can save time and money and stress.

With good, practical, kind advice – and either advisory or a hands on “get stuck in approach” – whether it be furniture/homewares or personal items, Lisa at The Final Touch can help you through the process.

I have had many clients tell me how liberating it feels to finally down-size, let go and start afresh!

Buy Less, choose well – make it last! (Dame Vivienne Westwood) 

Contact:  Lisa – Final Touch

Ph: 021 275 5860 

7 Home Staging Tips to Increase Your Home’s Marketability

You’ve decided to move, and now need to sell your home? The length of time it takes to sell, and the amount of money you sell for, will vary based on many factors; including location, pricing strategy, size, the state of the property market, and the presentation and appearance of your home. While some of these factors are outside your control, you can control how it looks and broaden its appeal through using home staging techniques.


Home staging is a marketing technique used by homeowners to increase the desirability of their home to buyers. Rather than renovating a home, it requires you to highlight the areas which would be most appealing to buyers.


As Auckland furniture movers, we meet many homeowners who have used home staging successfully when selling their property. Today we’re going to share seven home staging tips we believe played a large role in our clients’ successes.

Your home is your castle, and all the decisions you’ve made regarding its décor and furnishings were to your preferences. When selling a home though, you want to make it appealing to a wide audience and not just to yourself. This requires you to highlight the positives, and make the negatives more appealing. This can be done through home staging – here are seven tips to get you started:


  1. Declutter – there’s nothing worse than seeing hundreds of books, ornaments or pictures in a home you are interested in purchasing. While you may enjoy seeing them, buyers do not, as they like to be able to visualise their own belongings.
  2. Put extra furniture and belongings into storage. Like with decluttering, removing and storing excess furniture helps to make your rooms look larger and more appealing. The Smooth Mover can help you with your declutter process, by packing, moving and storing your excess items. Our North Shore self-storage units are perfect for keeping your excess items while your home is on the market.
  3. Remove personal items – put away toiletries, photos, certificates and artwork belonging to you and your family members.
  4. Use neutral décor – you may love bright colours, but not everyone does. A splash of colour in rugs and cushions is fine, but keep your walls, floors and drapes in neutral colours if you can.
  5. Keep things clean and tidy – remove all mould and mildew. Put items away in cupboards or drawers and make sure there are no noticeable odours which buyers will find off-putting.
  6. Don’t forget the outdoor areas – keep the lawns mowed, trees pruned, weeds and rubbish removed and add a few coloured flowers or shrubs to improve the appearance of your garden area.
  7. Remember your furniture – if your furniture isn’t something you are proud of, consider borrowing or hiring some to display in your home while it is on the market. A few nice pieces can set off a room, portraying the type of lifestyle a buyer is wanting to see in their new home. The Smooth Mover works with and recommends Distinctive Homestaging ( who can help you present your home for sale within Auckland.


When your home is sold and it’s time to shift, we’re here to help! Available for relocations within the Auckland area, the Hauraki Gulf, or anywhere in the North Island, our furniture removal and storage services cannot be beaten! Get in touch with our friendly team today for a free quote regarding your upcoming move.

Two forces combine


We are pleased to announce the merging with Master Movers – another reputable furniture moving business, which was started by Falk Mohr in 2010.

The joining of the two businesses increases our team size and general ability to service your packing, moving and storage needs.

Falk and his team are now proudly wearing Smooth Mover colours. Falk will be primarily office based in an operations role, working alongside Gavan and supported by Erika.

We are Expanding

We’ve been busy recently making a few additions and improvements at our office and storage facility. We’ve added eight 20 foot shipping containers (accessible 24/7) to our site, boosting our storage capacity from 64 up to 72 storage units.


We offer a range of unit sizes and are happy to offer you accessible storage solutions for either residential or commercial contents – whether short or long term.

And we’ve just added an extra bathroom for both staff and clients’ use, significantly enhancing the functionality of the building.

We are fortunate to have premises offering great accessibility, plenty of space, parking and options for the future.

Contact us today to book your next move 🙂

Trampolines are Great Fun

Trampolines are Great Fun

Sure, trampolines are great fun for kids and adults alike. But they can be a real challenge on moving day!

The sheer size and shape of them often mean they will not fit in a furniture moving truck. And if they do, will often require a dedicated load between addresses (maybe with outdoor furniture and BBQ thrown in).

Trampolines are Great Fun


They will often therefore require full disassembly – especially if it’s important to fit everything in a single load – as is usually the case in moves involving settlement and specific timings around getting keys and access.

It can be a time consuming process to pull apart and then reassemble at the new property. To ensure a speedy and efficient move, we would highly recommend (where possible) that trampolines are disassembled prior to the movers’ arrival. If not, we need to know about them in advance – so we can schedule time and truck size accordingly.

Springfree Trampolines do offer a service of disassembling, moving and reassembling their tramps. Please see

We would also recommend you think about the need to take your trampoline with you. Will you have sufficient space at your new property? Do your kids still use it? If not, it may be sensible to list it on Trade Me (with the buyer responsible for removing it ahead of your move date). Or see if the new people moving in might want it?

Occasionally our clients move very close by – so we can take the tramp for a little walk. But only if it’s safe with regards to traffic, overhead obstructions, etc. And only if it can safely be gotten out from your current property and back into your new property in one piece!

Contact us today to book your next move and let us know if you have a trampoline!

Trampolines are Great Fun

New Storage Options

New Storage Options

We’re pleased to be underway with a site development project at our main premises (11 Tarndale Grove, Albany) in order to provide new storage options and parking to our premises. We have just received Auckland Council consent to add a new vehicle crossing (driveway entrance) and increase our yard space. So we’ll soon have additional parking and space for up to eight 20 foot shipping containers for clients’ short term or long term storage.

new storage options


It unfortunately means making significant alterations to the shiny fence we added only in 2015!

But the addition of shipping container storage units will add to our 64 permanent units housed within our main warehouse. High security will be maintained, with high definition CCTV and monitored security systems in place.

We have a range of unit sizes from 25 cubic metres up to 43 cubic metres, and can also accommodate smaller space requirements. All of our units have furniture blankets in them, to keep your possessions protected whilst stored.

And our friendly team are of course happy to assist you with your moving needs in or out of storage. Call us on 0800 36 36 10, submit an enquiry online or email us direct.

new storage options